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A Belated Happy New Year

Happy New Year dear friendly reader! Hope you had a nice holiday season. I wasn't working much in December and decided to focus on some personal projects and spending time with my loved ones. Then January hit and the flu took hold. This post was supposed to go up last Thursday but I never got around to finishing it because of illness. Apologies!

Anyway, it's definitely back to the usual grind but before I look forward into this new exciting year I thought I'd share a small showcase of some of my favourite images I took in 2017. 

This post has a bit of everything. I've got some shots from my phone and some from camera. Hope you enjoy! I'm still looking to expand my portfolio so feel free to contact here. I would love to hear from you.


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#TBT Old Steam Train Journey


On Thursdays We Reminisce

The first #TBT (Throwback Thursday) post is a little train journey on an old steam train I took back in the summer while in Cornwall. I'll be posting these throwback posts most Thursdays, just when I'm going through my archive and I find something worthy of your attention. 

The Trip

It was our first full day in Cornwall, super warm and my other half really wanted to go on an old steam train as there's a lot of them in the area. We just made it to the station in time which was about 45 minutes away from where we were staying. The train embarked a few minutes after we got our tickets and found seats otherwise we were going to have to wait for an hour and a half. The station itself was just for the old rail  and was kept in a timely fashion to mirror the steam train. 

The train went back and forth on two different lines and it took about 2 hours in total. It was a pretty slow ride. We had a feeling that because of the hot summer's day that the poor man, who was of a certain age, was just too burnt out of his old-timey train conductor uniform in the engine room beside the firebox. 


The Edit

I wasn't interested in the train itself but the interior and sitting out looking at the scenery pass by was definitely intriguing. For the post production I wanted these shots to resemble an older era of photography so they can really emote the experience of being on a steam train.

I firstly tried the photos in black and white but they weren't striking enough and a lot of my photography is monochromatic so I wanted to challenge myself more. The most logical choice was sepia next but before I did anything I knew sepia wouldn't be the right choice either. I find sepia images fall flat and sometimes tacky. Unless you meticulously edit the image so the tones are one hundred percent authentic looking but still everything inside the frame needs to look one hundred percent authentic too. These photos were not authentic enough. I don't like sepia enough. 

I had a thought, that day on the train was so warm and sunny so I decided to work with that. I warmed up the shots, raised the clarity to have more edge, brought the highlights down more than needed, that didn't work for all the shots though. I was shooting with a shallow depth of field because I wanted to imitate the softer focus of an old film camera. I wouldn't recommend this, in hindsight it would of been easier to shoot sharp and blur aspects in post production, with the movement of the train I didn't always get the focus I was after.

After a few more tweaks with curves saturation and the like the results were photos with beautiful golden and deep tones, something reminiscent of an photographs from the era of the steam train, which definitely portrays the experience I had. They emote this quiet and gentle indexing of the interior and the landscape outside.


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