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Biodome Buzzed


The Biodome

  Simply awe-inspiring 


First Thursday of February, time to share another throwback post with you dear friendly reader. I've been re-editing photographs from my time in Cornwall last year. My most favourite thing we visited was the Eden Project which is two biomes (one with a Mediterranean climate and the other with Tropical climate).

A biome is a distinct community of plants and animals that have common characteristics for the environment they exist in. The biomes at Eden Project are enclosed within these dome structures you see pictured. By the way, side note you can get married and/or have a reception in these biodomes which would be insane, with the warm climates along with the backdrops being practically small jungles enclosed in these visionary structures would mean having a magical time I think. Just saying!


Before you think it, Eden Project is not paying me for doing this post. It's just that I absolutely adored this place when I was there and can't stop looking at these photos since. The aesthetic of a jungle among these bubbled panels, industrial tubes, wires and stairs. It feels almost futuristic. The juxtaposition of the organic and the industrial, I'm simply enamoured with them and I think you might be too. I love the detail and the different tones of light and colour I was able to capture.


You might already notice that each section has a different edit. It's because I couldn't decide on style for these photos. Firstly, the grey muted monochrome, then a hyper-real coloured with hard contrast, followed by deep matted edits with the remainder below being a mix of cinematic inspired or fresh bright sharp photographs.

Let me know what you prefer best, some of these images will be available for purchase via the print on demand sites I use. (I'll update this post appropriately when this is complete.) 



Thanks for your time dear friendly reader.

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