DAY 3033


A Blog About Becoming A Professional Photographer...Again

So This is Day 01...Kinda

This is going to be difficult isn’t it? I don’t know where to start! Well I do but I don’t know what’s more important…There’s so much I never thought about doing or rather having to do..What do you mean I’m more of a businessman than a photographer?! I want to take photos, I want to take photos and get paid for it…at least sometimes!
— Me, early 2017

I'm David

I guess I need to start to put the above garbled message into more context for you, dear friendly reader. I am a creative person, I’m visual, I think rather logically, I'm a perfectionist to a fault sometimes (dramatic much) and I’m a self-proclaimed good dancer.

I've decided to go out on a limb at something my teenage-turn-young adult brain couldn’t really handle 7 years ago and be a professional photographer or at least try to be again. I need to follow my passion. 


Backstory Time

I’m currently 27 years old (my other half has to remind me of that quite often). I’ve a BA degree in Photography and a Diploma in Digital Marketing. The course I went to wasn't for me or rather I was far too young to do anything real with the course while I was there.

What's changed? Me! I'm older and wiser and it sounds a little cliche but it's honestly true. In five years from when I graduated the course the things I've learned from my time in college with all the other life lessons has made me very ambitious and clever. Clever enough to make this work for real. 


The Blog Title

You might be wondering where my blog title came from? Well it's simple. I thought about the fact that I went to college, called myself a photographer and got jobs for a while and then the work dried up a bit and I made the decision to get a more stable job instead. Well the title comes from my first day in college (roughly) to today, the day this blog and in turn this site get's published.  


See You Soon

That's that, the first post of this here blog. I hope you stick around because I would love to share this journey with you along with regular posts of my photography of course. Check back Thursday 26th October for a #TBT photography post and don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to be notified when I post. 


For now you get a selfie!